Apigee Builds New API Management Service for the Programmable Data Center


To address the new reality of our data driven world, we need better ways to manage the network. Google and later Amazon Web Services (AWS), embarked on that journey long ago. Now the market is beginning to catch up with new networked environments that are controlled more by software than physical switches, routers and controllers.

Apigee is now providing management for these Software-Defined Networking (SDN) environments with a new API management offering needed to build, manage and scale applications for the programmable data center.

This is not a simple thing to understand. But neither was the web in its earliest days. In that other time, developers built software on the servers. They created what we now call “stacks.” As the web gained momentum, developers began thinking of new ways to build applications. By 2006, AWS emerged with a way for developers to create stacks on virtual servers. These virtual servers still had to run on physical hardware but the virtual machines could be controlled through automated methods.

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