March 7, 2002

Apple Dual 1 GHz vs. Pentium III 1 Ghz

Author: JT Smith

Eugenia writes, "This is the _first time_ we see a SPEC benchmark results of modern G3s or G4s (Apple prohibits such benchmarks - guess why). However, Heise has done some benchmarks with the latest dual 1 Ghz G4 against the PIII 1 Ghz. SPEC is known to be very precise when comparing the CPUs themselves without having major interference from the rest of the system or surrounded hardware. It is the ultimate CPU-only benchmark. The G4 can't always even keep up clock per clock with a Pentium-III and Heise didn't even use GCC3 or ICC for the PIII... and that's only in integer. In floating point, the 'supercomputer' G4 significantly lags behind the PIII, and this is an area where both the Pentium4 and Athlons are known for being *significantly* faster than the PIII. So much for the 'Mhz Myth' that Apple is feeding its costumers."


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