June 11, 2001

Is an Apple 'eRing' in our future?

Author: JT Smith

Kelly McNeill of OSOpinion writes: "A common subject often discussed by industry observers in recent months is whether Apple Computer will re-enter the mobile computing market. Analysts have been suggesting that the mobile computing industry is ready for explosive growth. Because of this potentially reinvigorated market, some have suggested that Apple create a mobile handheld device based on Apple's newly released operating system, OS X. Others have suggested that Apple take advantage of the growing market for mobile devices by breathing new life into the company's ill-fated Newton project. Being a diehard Apple aficionado, I thought it would be fun to play armchair CEO for a day and design a digital device that takes advantage of an upcoming new streaming video mobile communications technology called 3G, while using Apple's sense of style, simplicity and core strengths in mind. I've created a downloadable blueprint and PhotoShop-generated color composite of my design which I've since titled the 'eRing'"
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