Apple to Use Satellite Networks for Movie Store

Kelly McNeill writes “(/. Editor, please use this summary instead of the first i sent if you should choose to publish this story.)

As a followup to his first editorial which showed that Apple and Sony were working together on a high definition Movie download store, Kelly McNeill submitted the following editorial contribution so osOpinion/osViews which shows that the means for distribution will not be by way of the Internet as previously thought, but by Satellite networks.

While at least *SOME* cable networks are still a possibility for Apple, Microsoft’s investments into cable over the past few years will keep the cable companies from distributing DV content in an open standard (MPEG4) but restrict the cable companies to Microsoft’s Windows Media format. As a result, this left an open door for satellite network’s to standardize on the open MPEG4 AVC standard, otherwise known as H.264, and for Apple to capitalize on it.”