June 18, 2005

Apple Would Never Accept Dell's Offer

Anonymous Reader writes "Yep, Apple continues to be the headlines winner all over the media outlets, and this time Dell is sharing the spotlight with the Macintosh maker. Yesterday, Dell’s Founder and Chairman Michael Dell e-mailed Fortune magazine (after being requested to comment on the situation) stating, "If Apple decides to open the Mac OS to others, we would be happy to offer it to our customers." That’s a fairly bold statement coming from Dell considering that this declaration could possibly have a negative impact on the company’s relationship with Microsoft. Then again, Dell has a history of openly (though not heavily promoting) retailing PCs and servers with operating systems other than Microsoft’s end-user and enterprise offerings, so maybe it’s not that appalling after all. While the news is certainly interesting, it’s doubtful that Apple would ever license its Mac OS X to Dell or any other PC manufacturer for that matter."

Link: CoolTechZone.com

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