January 23, 2002

Apple XFree86-4.2

Author: JT Smith

proclus writes: "Fresh XFree86 binaries for Apple computers are available from several sources, now including Apple itself. Congratulations to the XonX team! Take your pick according to your

preference and experience. This software is expected to be compatible with the

GNU-Darwin offerings, and we will have the new Xserver packaged soon, for those who prefer to wait carefully ;-}.

Apple (.sit)

XFree86.org (standard installer)

XonX (.sit)

Strangely, XFree86 is offering a separate bundle for pre-OSX.1 versions of Darwin. One wonders about the compatibility of this software for earlier versions of Darwin, such as 1.3.1, or OSX initial release. The Darwin 1.4.1 release of XFree86, which was packaged by GNU-Darwin, still seems to be working fine on my Darwin 5.2 machine. Any other user experiences would certainly be helpful to the developers and the community at large as well."

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