January 18, 2002

Apple's G5: Motorola silent, but clues emerge

Author: JT Smith

NewsFactor Network writes "Two separate outlets have posted information on the Web regarding the PowerPC G5. Albeit brief and unclear, these documents may hint at a product introduction that is right around the corner. Developer tool maker Absoft has posted a job opening that reads, "Absoft is actively involved in compiler development on all levels. A successful job candidate will take a leading role in developing ... components of future compilers for Intel's IA64 (Itanium) and IBM/Motorola PowerPC G4/G5 processors." Epson posted a message to its Swedish Web site stating that its new line of laser printers is compatible with the "Apple iMac [and the] Apple G3/G4/G5/Cube (OS 8.1 or later).""


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