July 21, 2005

Apple's Mac sales grow 48 percent in Europe

Apple has more than doubled the PC market growth in Europe during the second quarter, surpassing the growth of Dell, but behind growth leader Acer. Apple posted 48 percent year-over-year market growth in the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) markets, according to IDC numbers reported by Macworld UK. However, during the same period Acer achieved 68.4 percent growth, while the overall PC industry only grew 23 percent during the same period, according to IDC. Despite the growth, however, Apple only shipped 283,000 Macs during the quarter, bringing its marketshare to 2 percent. Much of the growth was due to surging demand for its desktops. (Earlier this week we noted that Apple also doubled the industry growth in the US and grew its US marketshare by 22 percent to 4.5 percent, making it the No. 4 PC vendor in the US.)

Link: MacNN

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