July 2, 2002

Applications for the Sharp Zaurus

LinuxJournal: "You just got your Zaurus and you are very proud of it. You tried every single application, then even typed some commands in the terminal, like uname -a, ping localhost and ifconfig to prove to yourself that it really is a GNU/Linux machine in the palm of your hand. You even know where most of the keys are but still may be looking for the pipe (hint: read more.sbc.co.jp/slj/doc/pdf/SL5000KeyAssign.pdf to find out that bar = Shift-Space).

Sweet. But now what should you do? After the initial fun, you may be wondering what you can actually do with a machine you don't know how to use, and for which you think no third-party software exists. This article teaches you how to install software on the Zaurus and presents some killer applications you should know about."

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