November 23, 2012

An Apps Store for HPC?

Over at Computerworld, Patrick Thibodeau writes that easily available and affordable “Apps” are coming to HPC. In the mobile space Apps tend to be simple packages that do one thing very well. For HPC, an App would work the same way on a specific task, such as modeling and simulating the flow of a fluid through a pipe.

I think this can be the disruption to what’s been a pretty stagnant software world for the last decade,” said Tom Lange, Proctor & Gamble’s director of modeling and simulation, of the potential of apps. Lange believes that apps can help “democratize” HPC and make simulation analysis “an everyday part of decision-making.”

How would this work? Such an App model is already in place at NSF’s, where researchers can get access to more than 250 codes. Read the Full Story.

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