October 14, 2002

APPS.KDE.com, other KDE sites back online

Dre writes: "After strugging for three weeks with a series of hardware anomalies (traced
after much effort to a bad bit in a memory module) and
a taxing OS / software upgrade (as well as with some time-consuming but
unrelated issues), APPS.KDE.com,
LISTS.KDE.com (which among other
things provides the dot's mailing lists),
PROMO.KDE.org and
www.KDELeague.org are finally
back online.
Service on the KDE.com sites may be spotty in the coming week as some kinks
in the OS and various software upgrades are worked out, but the most important
things appear to be working smoothly already.
Please contribute any
recent releases of KDE or Qt software to the Appsy database
to ensure it remains comprehensive, and please be patient while
application updates proceed in first-in, first-out
order. If you find areas of any of the sites that do not yet work as expected, please
let me know."

Link: apps.kde.com


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