July 14, 2005

Apress Publishes First Book on Hibernate 3

Stephanie Parker writes "“Hibernate's goal is to relieve the developer from 95 percent of common data persistence related programming tasks.” Hibernate.org

Berkeley, CA—July 2005— Apress is the first publisher to bring a book on Hibernate 3 out into the market. Covering the new features of Hibernate 3, authors Dave Minter and Jeff Linwood also include real world application design guidelines to provide invaluable experience-led information that cannot be found elsewhere.

Since using Hibernate in their own professional development, Dave Minter and Jeff Linwood are Hibernate converts:

“Neither of us expects to write a database-based system with JDBC and SQL prepared statements again—Hibernate or its successors will form an essential part of the foundations. Hibernate is not just “another” object-relational system, it is the standard to beat.”

Setting the New Standard: “While Java and the JDBC standard have significantly reduced the effort involved in carrying out simple database operations, the point of contact between the object-oriented world and the relational world always causes problems. Hibernate offers a chance to automate most of the hard parts of this particular problem. By writing a simple XML file, you can make the database look object oriented. Along the way, you get some performance improvements. You also get an enormous improvement in the elegance of your code.”

EJB3 Best Practices: “The EJB3 specification has received a lot of input from the Hibernate team—who have, in turn, made efforts to reflect the emerging standard in their API. Therefore, to learn good practices for EJB3, start here with Hibernate.”

Key Features

• First to market with complete Hibernate 3 coverage and real-world application design tips
• Comprehensive reference for Hibernate object relational mapping strategies
• Integrated approach to database and Java application design

Pro Hibernate 3 provides current, up-to-date information about Hibernate 3 that programmers can’t get anywhere else. Not only is it the first book to cover Hibernate 3 and all of the new features, it also provides an introduction to the latest version of this apparent established standard for object relational persistence in the Java world.

Linwood and Minter discuss the new Hibernate 3 persistence layer and share design tips and best practices—not just the “how to” use parts of Hibernate, but how to take a step back and solve problems. They also approach Hibernate as software developers who use it and share knowledge, rather than as documenters of a project they worked on.

Pro Hibernate 3 is appropriate for programmers experienced in using Java with databases (the traditional or “connected” approach) but inexperienced in Hibernate. It also can be useful to programmers who have some familiarity with Hibernate 2 and want to learn the nuances of version 3.


PART 1 Hibernate 3 Primer
CHAPTER 1 An Introduction to Hibernate 3
CHAPTER 2 Integrating and Configuring Hibernate
CHAPTER 3 Building a Simple Application
CHAPTER 4 Using Annotations with Hibernate

PART 2 Hibernate 3 Reference
CHAPTER 5 The Persistence Lifecycle
CHAPTER 6 Creating Mappings
CHAPTER 7 Querying Objects with Criteria
CHAPTER 8 Querying with HQL and SQL
CHAPTER 9 Using the Session

To read more about Pro Hibernate 3 or the author, or to view a table of contents and sample chapter, please select this title in our online catalog at www.apress.com.

Apress Authors: The Expert’s Voice™

Dave Minter is based in London, where he helps large and small companies build systems that "just work." He co-authored Building Portals with the Java Portlet API and Pro Hibernate 3. Jeff Linwood currently works for the Gossamer Group in Austin, Texas, on content management and web application syndication systems and also co-authored Professional Struts Applications, Building Portals with the Java Portlet API, and Pro Hibernate 3. He was a technical reviewer for Enterprise Java Development on a Budget and Extreme Programming with Ant.


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Pro Hibernate 3

Dave Minter and Jeff Linwood

July 2005 * ISBN: 1-59059-511-4 * Price: $39.99
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