July 17, 2002

Aptus 2.0 makes Linux on the desktop easy

ShaoLin Microsystems writes "(Hong Kong - July 16, 2002) ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd., a Linux-based systems and solutions developer, today announced the
release of Aptus 2.0 and business partnerships with Asiasoft Hong Kong Limited, Borland Software Corporation and Chinese
2000 Technology Limited. Aptus is a fit client network architecture-based desktop Linux network deployment and management
solution based on Intelligent Union Architecture (IUA) technology created by ShaoLin Microsystems.

"Five years ago critics were writing that Linux had no chance for commercial use; one year ago they said it had no chance
on the enterprise desktop," said David Chow, Managing Director of ShaoLin Microsystems. Linux is receiving more attention
and criticism today because it is both high profile and ready for the desktop. Chow continues, "Many organizations and
companies are facing tight IT budgets, virus attacks, and desktop stability problems; now is the opportune time to switch
to Linux on their desktops. Aptus makes migration to Linux fast and easy; it is a simplified Linux desktop deployment and
management solution designed to lower total cost of ownership, increase desktop reliability, increase security, and
centralize management."

Aptus with IUA technology installed on a Linux server enables all desktops to connect to the server to run Linux in minutes,
without the installation of Linux on the desktops. Aptus customers can continue using existing hardware, without using the
local desktop hard disk, to run the Linux OS and Linux applications on the desktop, all while increasing manageability and
security. Aptus delivers zero-administration and high performance Linux desktops with centralized management and the lowest
running cost.

ShaoLin Microsystems created IUA, a distributed independent processing and shared-root file system technology with
centralized management and data consistency across a cluster of Linux machines. IUA is the key technology in the Aptus
"fit client" network architecture, a best features hybrid of traditional fat client (PC) and thin client architecture.
In fit client network architecture, all data, application software, and operating system files are stored on the server,
but processing power remains on the client workstations. Fit client network architecture has the manageability and
reliability of thin clients, plus the performance and flexibility of fat clients.

Asiasoft, Borland, and Chinese 2000 are positioned to take advantage of the rapidly expanding Linux market throughout
Asia-Pacific; these companies form a natural match in partnering with ShaoLin. Asiasoft has over six years experience
in high-tech IT software products distribution and are very successful in marketing unique software, high volume sales,
and serving customers in Hong Kong. With this great track record, ShaoLin Microsystems has appointed Asiasoft as the
sole distributor of Aptus in Hong Kong. Borland aims at simplifying and speeding the process of application development;
with the launch of Kylix in 2001, Borland extended its application development software to the Linux platform. Now take
a Linux server with Aptus and Kylix to get an environment that helps developers work faster and more efficiently than
ever before. Chinese 2000 Technology has developed a localized Chinese-based Linux OS distribution, Chinese 2000; the
Chinese 2000 Linux OS with Aptus gives Chinese language users the benefits of using Linux on the desktop. The technical
capabilities, development plans, business expertise, and regional position of Asiasoft, Borland, and Chinese 2000,
combined with ShaoLin's Aptus, will push the adoption of desktop Linux in organizations further and faster.

About ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd.

ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. is focused on the creation and development of Linux-based systems and solutions. ShaoLin gives
customers full command over their desktop computing networks with end-to-end software solutions based on our cutting-edge
Linux kernel, file system, and network management technology. ShaoLin Microsystems was founded in 2000 with a mission to
develop and market superior Linux-based solutions to multiply efficiency in organizations, increase productivity, and
reduce costs. We believe our success relies on the capability to understand the needs and desires of customers and
consistently deliver excellent products and services. We strive to provide customers the best solution based on our
3R strategy, the "Right thing at the Right time for the Right person".

About Asiasoft Hong Kong Ltd.

Asiasoft is an Asia-based IT company with offices established in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and India. Founded in 1996, Asiasoft Hong Kong Limited has firmly established itself
as a leading IT company providing a wide range of professional products and services in the Greater China Region. We
are highly committed to the IT field and are proud to be able to play a small part in the revolution that the advance
in IT technology is bringing about to the business community. We specialize in three areas, namely Systems & Management
Solutions, Networking & Internet Solutions, and Development Solutions, which are essential to the efficient and effective
operation of e-business, Internet and enterprise applications.

About Borland Software Corporation

Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq NM: BORL) is the leading provider of technology that helps Global 1000 companies
develop, deploy, and integrate software applications. Delivering best-in-class solutions dedicated to interoperability,
Borland allows enterprises of all sizes to move into Web-based computing while continuing to leverage the benefits of
legacy systems. In 2001, Borland launched Kylix, the rapid e-business development for the Linux platform in Hong Kong.
Within the emergence of the Linux, Kylix becomes more popular.

About Chinese 2000 Technology Ltd.

Chinese 2000 Technology Limited is a member of the listed Culturecom Group in Hong Kong. The company takes charge of
the marketing development, technical support and technical development of the Chinese 2000 operating system series. At
present, the Chinese 2000 operating system (PC versions) is the focal point of business. The company also provides after
sales service such as training, installation and hotline customer service in order to provide a low cost and high
quality all-purpose computer solution, other than the popular operating systems and applications available in the
market such as Microsoft, to users of all levels including the small and medium enterprises.

For press and analyst inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Sufan Kan, Marketing & Public Relations
ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd.
E-mail: sufankan@shaolinmicro.com
Tel: +852 2352 5568"

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