August 30, 2005

Aqua Data Studio 4.5 released

Anonymous Reader writes "AquaFold announces latest version of Aqua Data Studio, it's universal database tool for building, managing and maintaining enterprise relational databases. Aqua Data Studio is free for personal and educational use. The new release now supports Informix 10, Sybase ASE 15 and MySQL 5.0 and includes many new features.

New features include ...

  • - Database Script Generator for full database scripting, including schema DDL and data DML.
  • - Entity Relationship Diagram Generator to reverse engineer and layout, visual representations of databases.
  • - Procedure Editors to easily editing, compiling and running stored procedures.
  • - Visual Explain Whiteboard and Explain Plan enhancements for tunning and comparing explain plans.
  • - Enhanced Query Analyzer, Import Tool and Export Tool.

... more

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