Named ‘Best Free/Open Project

CASABLANCA, MOROCCO, December 29, 2004 — Arabeyes has been named
‘Best Free/Open Project’ (Meilleur Projet Libre) on December 18
as part of its participation at the “Casablanca GNU/Linux Days”
held in Morocco. Arabeyes has been recognized for its contributions
as well as commitment to the Arabic Free and Open Source community.

The award presented by Richard Stallman (RMS), founder of the
Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project, was accorded to
Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj as part of Arabeyes’ presence at the event.
Upon receipt Abdulaziz, an elected 2005 Arabeyes project manager,
noted, “it is a great honor for Arabeyes to receive this prestigious
award and it is in all our volunteers’ names – they are, after all,
the ones that deserve this great honor.”

Arabeyes’ participation in the Moroccan conference marks the first
time the unique project was sought after with an all expenses paid
invitation. Arabeyes, akin to many other Open Source projects,
relies on such measures to augment its participation in various
world events.

About Arabeyes

Arabeyes, a Open Source not-for-profit grass-roots volunteer project,
is the first and only Meta project of its kind that is aimed at
fully supporting the Arabic language in the Unix/Linux environment.
Arabeyes is designed to be a central location to standardize the
Arabization process. Arabeyes relies on voluntary contributions
by computer professionals and enthusiasts all over the world and
is fully independent.

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