June 24, 2005

Arabian Linux 0.6 Beta 3 Screenshot Tour

chris writes "Distrowatch reports - A new beta release of Arabian Linux is now available for download and testing. What's new? "Kernel 2.6.11; XFree86 replaced by X.Org; using LSB color system; interactive boot-up system; added the amod system tools for modules management; added service menu 'Arabian Package' for.deb and.rpm packages; system upgrade now available; added Arabic support in the installer; installer gives an option to choose either LILO or GRUB; NVIDIA 3D driver added, can be enabled by 'nvidia' cheatcode; Java 1.5 enabled by default, Arabeyes/KACST Arabic TTF fonts included; Arabic language is now enabled in consoles (thanks to Arabeyes' Bicon project), Arabeyes' Wordlist (Linux dictionary - Arabic/English) included, new softmodem drivers added...."

Mohammed sent us at OSDir a handful of nice screenshots of Arabian Linux 0.6 Beta 3.


Link: shots.osdir.com


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