August 10, 2006

Are There Real Grounds for 64 Bits?

Start64! - Start on 64 writes "A Point Left Out of Consideration...

Recently, I have read several articles analysing the current penetration of 64-bit systems and considering what can be expected in the future. There are many contrasting viewpoints here, and the conclusions reached also differ greatly. I see the place and opportunities of 64 bits from a somewhat different perspective; I think 64-bit computing today is in the position of gradual transition before a comprehensive break-through that is going to be inevitable as a result of technical progress.

Today computers used for the simplest tasks like general office work or browsing the net, having Windows XP installed as well as some antivirus program and a firewall, are most probably equipped with at least 256 MB RAM. It may be that they have less than this in case of using an integrated video card, but nowadays it is practically impossible to work on XP with 128 MB RAM. 256 MB RAM is not too comfortable to use either, but is still just tolerable. The computer that I am just writing this article on has 512 MB memory; basic security software and some other standard programs are running, and the state of affairs is this:



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