October 24, 2003

Are wrappers the way to Windows functionality?

Budro writes "With the recent arrival of wrapper drivers for the Broadcom devices from Linuxtant (http://linuxant.com) seems though they are not the only game in town using a "wrapper" peice around windows drivers.

Just browsing freshmeat the other day I came across Captive1.0 (http://freshmeat.net/releases/139750/) which seems to have ties to ReactOS (http://reactos.com) who are starting to share info with the WINE (http://winehq.com) folks ... whew that was long.

Most hard-core GNU fanboys will despise it but I think this is exciting stuff to bridge the gap between OSes. Hopefully this could turn into something that might give VMware a run for it's $$$."


  • Open Source
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