August 19, 2007

Are you up for a journey through the Universe?

Stellarium features a 3-dimensional sky in much the same way as if you were looking up at the sky in real time. So if youââ¬â¢d like to discover whatââ¬â¢s beyond our planet, go on tours around the Solar System and the Milky Way, travel in time back to when other galaxies formed, or become a witness to the formation of other stars billions of years ago, now itââ¬â¢s your chance to experience it. All you have to do is to decide on a destination, set the coordinates and go. With this ââ¬Åvirtual planetariumââ¬Â, one may calculate the positions of the Sun, the Moon or other planets. It is also possible to check what the sky would look like to an observer at a different location and time zone. But one of the features that I most like is that Stellarium can display the constellations and simulate a variety of astronomical phenomena such as lunar eclipses and meteor showers.

Link: Earth and Sky

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