February 23, 2016

ARM’s Cortex A32 is a Tiny CPU for Wearables and Raspberry Pi-Like Boards

ARM-32-AMARM's Cortex CPU core designs are widely used by all kinds of chipmakers who don't want to create their own ARM CPU designs from scratch, so it's important to pay attention when the company announces a new one. The ones we see the most often around here are the mainstream 64-bit cores for smartphones and tabletsâthe high-end Cortex A72 and A57 and the mid-end Cortex A53âbut ARM produces a variety of smaller designs for ultra-low-power and embedded applications, too.

Enter the Cortex A32, a new super-small ARM core designed specifically for wearables, Internet of Things things, embedded systems, low-cost boards like the Raspberry Pi or Pi Zero, and other places where power, space, and cost savings are more important than raw performance.

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