June 21, 2001

The art of programming

Author: JT Smith

An anonymous reader writes: "Traditionally, a lot of avant-garde believers are also highly supportive of the arts and culture. They appreciate, support and fund artists, both from the literary segments and performing arts. Arts and culture, they say, are the expression of our lives. Following this, practitioners of the arts are given free room to explore their creative processes. They get paid to play.

"... there is a forgotten and unrecognized breed of artist which most of society does
not see. He too uses his creative processes every day, generating art which is both
beautiful and functional. His works are used and admired by millions and his style is followed
by others of his ilk. Those not within his inner circle marvel at his art and yet they do not pay
homage to him. He is unsung, unknown and usually disregarded.

He is the network programmer." Read more at www.alphaque.com"


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