May 23, 2006

Asbru Web Content Management v6.1 Released

David Fisher writes "Asbru Web Content Management v6.1 for Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows has been released.

Asbru Web Content Management is a ready to use, full-featured, database-driven web content management system with optional community, e-commerce and database add-on modules for creating, publishing and managing websites with advanced, dynamic end-user and website administrator functionality.

Asbru Web Content Management v6.1 adds new and powerful drag and drop website structure management. The new visual drag and drop capabilities make it easy for users to create and maintain dynamic menus and sitemaps on their websites. The new version also includes the capability to serve content through RSS feeds to facilitate website visitors to track updates on the website.

Among the new features are also a number of ready-to-use applications with specialized functionality. An event calendar application enables event administrators to add events to a website. In addition the event calendar enables users to register for events. The default events calendar functionality is designed to meet typical requirements. However, the event calendar functionality is fully customizable to meet specific requirements.

A poll and questionnaire application makes it easy for website managers to add one or several multiple choice questions to their websites. Interim and final results of the polls and questionnaires are instantly accessible.

The new version also includes a support ticket application, which provides a complete solution for companies to include on their website to enable their customers to submit support tickets. The support ticket application also provides a tool for support ticket administrators to manage the workflow and priorities of support tickets.

For an online trial of the system with its new features sign up here:

The Asbru Web Content Management system works with most major web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, Safari for Mac OS X and Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix). The Asbru Web Content Management system runs on most major web platform operating systems ( Linux, Unix,Microsoft Windows ), programming languages (ASP, PHP and JSP/Java) and databases (Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL). Free trial and further details at:"


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