June 19, 2001

ASL introduces dual Intel Xeon Linux workstation

Author: JT Smith

ASL, the leading provider of high performance Linux systems, announced the release of its Marquis C460 dual Intel® Xeon Linux workstation.

Continuing ASL's tradition in redefining Linux performance, the Marquis C460 features two Intel® Xeon 1.7 GHz processors running at a 400 MHz system bus. Based on the Intel® NetBurst micro-architecture utilizing hyper-pipelined technology and a rapid execution engine, the Marquis C460 provides superior performance in floating-point and multimedia applications.

Using the Intel® 860 chipset, the Marquis C460 delivers a mind-blowing bandwidth of 3.2 GB/s through its support of dual RDRAM memory channels. In addition, the Marquis C460 comes standard with eight RIMM slots allowing flexible memory configuration up to 4 GB.

Other standard features on the Marquis C460 include dual PCI busses, AGP Pro 50 slot, integrated Intel® 82550 Fast Ethernet, Matrox Millennium G450 Dual Head display, and Creative Labs SoundBlaster PCI128 audio. All Marquis C460 are preinstalled and pre-configured with Red Hat Linux 7.1.

About Intel

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at www.intel.com/pressroom.

About ASL

ASL Inc. is the leading provider of high performance Linux systems. Its philosophy is to redefine Linux performance by providing leading-edge technology and extensive systems customization at competitive prices. As part of ASL Inc.?s commitment to execute this philosophy, it partners with key industry leaders to provide the Linux world with the latest features on high quality products. Every system comes pre-installed and configured with an optimized Linux operating system. In addition to its leading-edge product line, ASL Inc. also provides world-class customer support and service at no cost to its customers. For more information, visit ASL Inc. at www.aslab.com or call (408)

Contact: Vincent Hwang, ASL Inc., (408) 941-2070 x119 or vhwang@aslab.com

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