December 10, 2002

ASL Launches First Dual Xeon 8X AGP Linux Workstation

Dec 10, 2002 - Newark, California-- ASL Inc., a leader in high performance Linux workstations and servers since 1995, has announced availability of its highest performance graphic workstation yet today, the Marquis C495.

Powered by the Intel E7505 (Placer) workstation chipset, the Marquis C495 delivers professional graphic performance using the next generation AGP8X interface. Tightly coupled with the third generation Xeon processors running at 533mhz Front Side Bus and dual channel DDR266 memory, the Marquis C495 increases the memory throughput by 40% over all existing Xeon platforms.

"Today, leading edge 3D graphic solutions such as GeForce FX from Nvidia are screaming for more bandwidth than ever before", said Tony Sheridan, VP of Product Development. By delivering state of the art AGP8X platform, ASL has ushered a new era of professional graphic solutions suitable for the most demanding 3D applications such as visualization/animation, games, Digital Content Creation and CAD.

The Marquis C495 is available in both IDE and SCSI models. Each system includes an onboard Gigabit Ethernet, 64-bit PCI-X expansion slots, and 52X optical CD reader/burner. Standard display is equipped with Nvidia GeForce4 or Quadro4 professional graphic solutions supporting Single or Dual Head output in both digital and analog modes.

ASL's comprehensive 3-year parts and 1-year labor warranty cover the Marquis C495.

About ASL

ASL Inc. is the leading provider of high performance Linux systems. Its philosophy is to redefine Linux performance by providing leading-edge technology and extensive systems customization at competitive prices. As part of ASL Inc.'s commitment to execute this philosophy, it partners with key industry leaders to provide the Linux world with the latest features on high quality products. Every system comes pre-installed and configured with an optimized Linux operating system. In addition to its leading-edge product line, ASL Inc. also provides world-class customer support and service at no cost to its customers. For more information, visit ASL Inc. at, call (510) 857-0055 or email"


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