April 23, 2003

Aspen Systems now provides a complete turnkey Beowulf cluster package

Leslie Cunningham writes "Wheat Ridge, CO, April 21, 2003 Aspen Systems, Inc., a world leader in the custom design, manufacture and service of a wide array of Linux(R)-based high-performance computing solutions, announced today that it is now offering on-site training classes and workshops, as well as hardware and software support services. By providing customers with high-performance computing products with accompanying professional services, Aspen Systems can deliver a complete turnkey Beowulf cluster package. The complete turnkey package, which includes hardware, software and now training and support services, can be customized to fit the customers specific needs.

Clusters are becoming more common and are replacing supercomputers and mainframe computers in the high-performance computing marketplace. As more organizations plan to purchase Beowulf clusters, Aspen Systems training classes and workshops will help technically prepare the users of these high-performance computing systems. Aspen Systems training classes will ease the mind of the customer prior to purchasing a cluster and will provide continued services and support after delivery of the cluster.

With proper training of high-performance computing solutions, customers will have more success with maintaining and managing clusters once installed at their facility, stated Steve Spring, CEO of Aspen Systems. Successful maintenance of a cluster will provide more up-time and a higher level of performance, which will lead to more productivity, more discoveries and a quicker completion rate for research.

Aspen Systems offers installation and set-up services for customers who are receiving delivery of a cluster. Aspen Systems offers 2-day to 5-day installation and set-up packages, which includes a team of professional technicians to manage every aspect of system installation, from site planning to integration with the local network. Aspen Systems also offers a wide variety of on-site training classes and workshops that can be held at either Aspen Systems facility or at the customers facility. Training classes and workshops are limited to 8 students and include take-home training materials. Classes and workshops typically last 2 to 5 days with the agenda focused upon the customers specific needs.

Classes, workshops and services offered by Aspen Systems include:

Job scheduling software
Facility design analyses
Cluster administration
Aspen Systems Beowulf Cluster (ABC) management system
Service contracts include on-site 7x24 hardware service, on-site 5x8 hardware service and advanced cluster 5x8 software support

Customers that are interested in receiving additional information and pricing for Aspen Systems training classes, workshops, and/or support services can contact Aspen Systems sales department toll-free at 800.992.9242 (U.S. and Canada only) or 303.431.4606. Customers can also go online at www.aspsys.com/support/services/info.aspx and fill out the information and pricing request form.

About Aspen Systems
Aspen Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, has been serving the high-performance, technical computing community with expertise in custom computer hardware design, manufacturing and service for over 20 years. Their expertise includes a variety of high-performance technical computing disciplines with emphasis on serving the needs of advanced technical computing users and corporations that use the most demanding applications. Aspen Systems has built their reputation, as a leading provider of Beowulf clustering solutions by offering multiple configurations with a choice of processors and connectivity for specific performance needs. First class technical support and state-of-the-art products allows Aspen Systems to create and support the high-performance solutions that customers in the weather modeling, financial modeling, chemistry, physics, mathematics, bio-tech, and geophysics research fields (among other compute-intensive parallel markets) demand. Aspen Systems built of the 8th fastest
supercomputer in the world, published by Top500.org. For more information about Aspen Systems, visit their web site at www.aspsys.com.

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