January 19, 2004

Aspen Systems Unveils 1U Itanium 2 Server Solution

Leslie Cook writes "Aspen Systems Unveils 1U Itanium 2 Server Solution at LinuxWorld Expo New York

Wheat Ridge, CO, January 19, 2004 Aspen Systems, a leader in the custom design, manufacture and service of Linux®-based supercomputing clusters and a wide array of additional high performance computing (HPC) solutions, introduces a new high-end server solution in a 1U form factor that is optimized for HPC, large databases, clusters and storage.

Aspen Systems Glacier Itanium® 2 1U server solution includes the most refined 1U Itanium 2 serverboard in a standard extended ATX form factor: Supermicros SUPER i2DML-8G2, and the equally impressive SC813S-500 chassis, specially optimized for Itanium 2-based solutions. The newly designed 1U SuperServer 6113L-8 from Supermicro not only supports more hard drives and memory but also features a unique state-of-the-art cooling solution.

Aspen Systems Glacier Itanium 2 1U server solution, the SuperServer 6113L-8 from Supermicro, is the worlds first viable 1U Itanium 2 platform to meet the ever-growing demands of the HPC server market, stated Charles Liang, CEO of Supermicro.

Due to Intels recent decision to lower Itanium pricing, we can now provide the Glacier Itanium 2 1U server solution at a Xeon server price point, which will lead to wide adoption of this true 64-bit platform, said Tom Leinberger, VP of Sales at Aspen Systems.

Based on the E8870 chipset, the SuperServer 6113L-8 has been optimized for dual Itanium 2 processors up to 1.5GHz with 6MB L3 cache (6.4GB/s system bus speed) in a 1U rackmount form factor. It features one P64H2 bridge controller and support for one 64-bit-133 MHz PCI-X slot and 4 SCSI or SATA drives in a 1U configuration. The 2U system will support up to three 64-bit-133 MHz PCI-X slots and 6 SCSI or SATA drives. The serverboard also offers support for up to 16 GB of regular DDR SDRAM in eight DIMM slots and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for excellent networking capabilities. One scalable node controller and four memory repeater hubs are also included. In addition, the i2DML-8G2 features an onboard dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI controller, making it an ideal choice for technical computing and front-end enterprise applications. For more information about the SuperServer 6113L-8, visit Supermicros Web site at http://www.supermicro.com/PRODUCT/SUPERServer/Supe rServer6113L-8.htm.

About Super Micro Computer, Inc.
Established in 1993, Supermicro emphasizes superior product design and uncompromising quality control to produce outstanding reliable server systems that maximize the functionality and compatibility of its products. As a direct result of its staunch commitment to quality, Supermicros high-end motherboards and server systems deliver unsurpassed performance. Recently, the company began a major expansion into modular computing and enterprise storage system development to best serve today's rapidly changing global business needs. As the premier server solutions and motherboard manufacturer in Silicon Valley and the fastest growing server manufacturer in the world today, Supermicro provides outstanding quality and service that includes 24x7 Worldwide Server Technical Support from any corner of the globe. For additional information, please visit the companys website at www.supermicro.com, email them at marketing@supermicro.com or call their San Jose, CA headquarters at +1

Intel® Itanium® 2 processor
The Intel® Itanium® 2 processor is uniquely designed for demanding enterprise and technical applications. Itanium® 2-based platforms enable businesses and organizations to maximize their return on investments by delivering industry-leading performance at generally lower cost and with greater choice than proprietary RISC technologies. Itanium 2 processors are supported by a rich ecosystem of highly scalable, open-standard 64-bit solutions from over 40 leading hardware vendors, more than five operating systems including Windows Server 2003, Linux, and hundreds of applications and tools. In addition, Itanium 2 processors are binary-compatible with existing Itanium-based software to provide investment protection*.

About Aspen Systems
Aspen Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, has been serving the high-performance, technical computing community with expertise in custom computer hardware design, manufacturing and service for over 20 years. Their expertise includes a variety of high-performance technical computing disciplines with emphasis on serving the needs of advanced technical computing users and corporations that use the most demanding applications. Aspen Systems has built their reputation, as a leading provider of Beowulf clustering solutions by offering multiple configurations with a choice of processors and connectivity for specific performance needs. First class technical support and state-of-the-art products allows Aspen Systems to create and support the high-performance solutions that customers in the Weather Modeling, Financial Modeling, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Bio-tech, and Geophysics Research fields (among other compute-intensive parallel markets) demand. For more information
about Aspen Systems, visit their website at www.aspsys.com.

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