September 14, 2000


Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

The first ASP (Application Service Providers) oriented Linux
distribution. Easiest to install and use, 100% RedHat compatible. Includes full featured graphical and text mode installation program, unique
partitioning utility ASPDiskManager, graphical ASPLoader, EspressoDownload as a part of network installation, advanced European and Asian languages
support. ASPLinux is the first ASP (Application Service Providers) dedicated Linux distribution. It combines most users friendly Linux
distribution for home and office desktops, suitable both for newcomers and Linux guru, and professional server software packages ASPComplete for ASPs,
ISPs and others. It has all the features you would expect from a modern full-fledged Unix. ASPLinux is the easiest Linux to install and use for home and office. You
may choose full-featured graphical or text mode installation program with the intuitive user interfaces which simplify OS setup procedure to a couple
of mouse clicks.

One of the key benefits of the ASPLinux system is the advanced Asian and European languages support, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and
others, both in the command line mode and within the framework of the X Window System shell. ASPLinux supports the standards of open systems and
Internet protocols, it can be installed along with MS DOS, Windows 95/98/NT, and Unix variations without conflicts.

ASPLinux advantages:

  • 100% Red Hat Linux compatible
  • Unique user-friendly graphical and text mode installation program
  • Most convenient to install on a full disk with ASPDiskManager
  • Most friendly for multibooting on a single computer with graphical ASPLoader
  • Unique network installation and download possibilities with EspressoDownload utility
  • Best available Asian and European languages localization

If you would like to always have latest ASPLinux please do not hesitate to visit download page at
least on time a week.

More informations about ASPLinux can be found on:

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