February 7, 2001

ASPSeek 1.0.2 released

Author: JT Smith

Kir Kolyshkin writes "SWSoft has just released third stable version of ASPSeek search engine software - 1.0.2. This release is fixing some bugs found and adding some new small features (more charsets support, ability to run query on other search engines, and stopwords file for Turkish). Full changelog is here.
ASPSeek is open-sourced search engine software, it is avaliable under GNU GPL. It can be used to build a search engine capable of indexing and searching as much as a few millions URLs, and search speed will be blazingly fast. It also has some nifty features, like query words highlighting, grouping results by site etc. ASPSeek is oriented toward multisite search, but can be used to made a search for one site as well."


  • Open Source
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