February 18, 2003

Astaro Security Linux V4 released!

Frank Neugebauer writes "Astaro Security Linux V4 combines leading-edge Open source security technologies
with a new graphical look and feel that offers users a polished, easy-to-use
perimeter security solution.

Key features of this latest release include:

  • Heuristic Spam Protection
  • PPPoE and PPPoA DSL dial-up
  • Faster and enhanced WebAdmin
  • LDAP User Authentication
  • NAT Traversal for IPSec
  • Dynamic filtering per VPN tunnel
  • Transparent POP3 Proxy with optional Virus Protection
  • VLAN (802.1q)
  • Wireless LAN (802.11b)

Private home users can register via Astaro's registration
portal to request a free home use license. The Virus
and Surf Protection options
can be obtained at a reduced price
(49 each)
for the home-use version in the online shop.
If you have substantial home LAN environment that exceeds the standard Office
Edition parameters of ASL, you can obtain the power use license.
The power use license is a free-of-charge license if you are an active support
power user in the ASTARO Bulletin Board.

Read more information here.

Download Software here."

Link: linux-tip.net


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