February 9, 2006

Asterisk Creator to Speak at SCALE 4x This Weekend

Author: SCALE

Anonymous Reader writes "The Southern California Linux Expo has announced Asterisk creator Mark Spencer will present at the 2006 Southern California Linux Expo. Spencer is the original creator of the Asterisk open-source telephony project and has a strong history in the Linux and open-source communities.Spencer's presentation is titled "IP Communication: Open for Business" and will take place on February 11, 2006 at 1:30pm . He will address a number of topics surrounding open source telephony and specifically address how carriers can leverage open source in developing their next generation services. Open source can play a key part in migrating the traditional phone network to IP, while saving communications providers capital ? enabling them to pass the cost savings onto their customers. Open source also provides a level of flexibility in creating IP-based solutions that proprietary systems can not.

Additional details on Mark Spencer's presentation can be found at: http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/speakers/speakers_spencer.php

About Mark Spencer:

Mark Spencer founded Linux Support Services in 1999 while still a Computer Engineering student at Auburn University. When faced with the high cost of buying a PBX, Mark simply used his Linux PC and knowledge of C code to write his own. This was the beginning of the world-wide phenomenon known as Asterisk, the open source PBX, and caused Mark to shift his business focus from Linux support to supporting Asterisk and opening up the telecom market. Linux Support Services is now known as Digium, and is bringing open source to the telecom market while gaining a foothold in the telecom industry.

Mark Spencer holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Auburn University, and is now president of Digium, Inc. He has also led the creation of several Linux-based open source applications, most notably Asterisk, the Open Source PBX, and Gaim Instant Messenger.

About Southern California Linux Expo:

The Southern California Linux Expo is the premier grass roots Linux and Open Source Software conference in the United States. SCALE 4x, their fourth annual event, will be held on February 10 - 12, 2006 at the Los Angeles Airport Radisson. SCALE will include over 30 presentation and seminars by leaders from the open source community, tutorials for beginners, and an exhibit hall with both vendor booths and non-commercial booths. Linux Expo of Southern California, Inc. is a non-profit organization currently comprised of, but not limited to, members of the USCLUG, UCLALUG, and SCLUG. For more information see http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/

About Digium:

Digium is the creator of Asterisk, the first open source PBX. With Digium's hardware, Asterisk offers a strategic approach to voice over IP, TDM, switched, and Ethernet architectures.
Digium provides hardware and software products developed using innovative engineering techniques. A full range of professional services complement these product lines. More information on Digium can be found at www.digium.com"

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