May 30, 2002

Asterisk -- punctuating the path to Open Source Packet Voice writes, "In this whitepaper, Mack Allison provides an introduction to Asterisk,
an open source project which implements a Linux-based Private Branch
Exchange (PBX) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform. Asterisk
turns a Linux system to the task of switching calls, and offers a large number of features to support communication in a business environment. "Asterisk can do just about anything in software that a traditional PBX could do with specialized hardware. It unifies systems to provide tremendous possibilities for information services. Seamless use of Packet Voice allows Asterisk servers to intercommunicate throughout LANS, private WANS, and the Internet. Asterisk provides a sophisticated solution for IVR platforms, wide hardware interoperability, flexible wide area phone networks, and advanced telephony features -- all at reasonable cost." Read the whitepaper here"


  • C/C++
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