November 10, 2009

Atom SDK Now Available from Intel, and a Developer Challenge!

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November 10, 2009, 11:40 am

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At the Intel Developer Forum,Â¬â  Intel announced an exciting new opportunity for developers to earn money by writing netbook applications via the Intel Atom Developer Program community, and selling their applications through future application stores.Â¬â  Developers were told to look for a software development kit (SDK) to help them develop applications and components for netbooks.
We are happy to share with you that on November 10th developers will be able to jump start their application development using an alpha version of the Intel Atom Developer Program Software Development Kit for both Microsoft Windows (C and C++) and Moblin (C only).Â¬â  Additional runtimes and development languages will be supported in future releases of the SDK.
The features of the alpha SDK include authorization, crash reporting, and a consumer store client emulator for testing.Â¬â  A developer can test and debug today and then when the beta SDK is available later this year they can submit their applications or components and take full advantage of the program's revenue-generating opportunities.
WeâÃôll be updating on November 10th with a downloadable alpha version of the SDK, additional documentation, and a new SDK developer forum for Q&A and input to be considered for future releases.
Also donâÃôt forget to check out the Intel Atom Developer Challenge

Developers who submit their apps and have them successfully validated will be able to enjoy a range of exciting rewards. For example, the first 100 validated apps will receive a tricked out netbook, and the talented developers with the most innovative application & elegant application design will win all-expense-paid âÃúrock star treatmentâÃù trip to GDC 2010! Check this page for more details.

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