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AT&T Puts Smart City IoT ‘Edge’ Computing On Direct Dial


Technology platforms in the post-millennial era are heavily characterized by their use of automation and optimization techniques. As we increasingly analyze our software in order to quantify and qualify what applications and data workloads work well in situation A, we can start to automate an element of other software deployments with managed optimized controls in situation B. We can then sub-classify our automation and optimization efforts by vertical industry use case, by specific application type and by the type of device that the software lives on be it desktop, mobile or Internet of Things (IoT).

This broad brush summary statement goes some way to explaining current efforts emanating from AT&T. The brand that we used to know as a phone company, but would now rather we think of it as a ‘business data network’ company has been working with the Linux community to refine an approach to devices installed out of the ‘edge’ of the IoT. Specifically, a new open source project from The Linux Foundation called Akraino will now be built to create a ‘software stack’ capable of running cloud services optimized for edge IoT devices and applications.

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