May 21, 2001

Attrition: We've served our time

Author: JT Smith has announced it will no longer maintain its archive of Web site cracks and defacements. "In essence, what was once a hobby site run in spare time for
fun has turned into a beleaguring second job. A job that comes with more headache, complaints, criticisms, slander and attacks than productive output or
reward. In two years we have turned away countless computer security work that could have been fulfilled by a number of us. The abuse and ignorance we deal
with from defacers and defacement victims is staggering, and some of that abuse spills over into actual attacks. Attrition has been taken down more than once by
massive denial of service attacks which have inconvenienced our generous upstream provider, hundreds of other colo customers, and thousands of dialup
customers, making our job even more difficult."


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