August 23, 2006

August Release of the Linux Test Project

Michael Reed writes "The Linux Test Project test suite> has
been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2900+ tests
for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as:
  • A Linux test tools matrix
  • Technical papers
  • How To's on Linux testing
  • Code coverage analysis tool.

Release Highlights:

  • Code Clean ups by Mike Frysinger, Mitsuru Chinen, and Jeff Bailey

We encourage the community to post results to,
and patches, new tests, or comments/questions to

See ChangeLog Below

  • Added the following files for Mitsuru's Chinen's nfs patch
    ns-mcast.h, ns-mcast_join.c, ns-mcast_receiver.c, network_stress.appl, network_stress.broken_ip,
    network_stress.icmp, network_stress.interface, network_stress.multicast, network_stress.route,
    network_stress.tcp, network_stress.udp, ns-icmp_redirector.c, ns-icmpv4_sender.c,
    ns-icmpv6_sender.c, ns-igmp_querier.c
  • Made changes to avoid hardcoding test count
    mkdir03.c, open08.c
  • Changed the test to account for SLES 10. Now the syslog tests will test
    syslog-ng or syslogd depending on which one is present. The update was
    made for syslog01 - syslog10.
  • Corrected the copyright information to reflect SGI, instead of Cray, which
    was purchased by SGI years ago for files get_high_address.c, search_path.c
  • Removed the Ping test. The ping test is now skipped on SLES, but does not
    affect the execution of the rest of the test in mc_commo
  • Using syscall() rather than _syscall#() macros for the following files:
    sysfs01.c, sysfs02.c, sysfs03.c, sysfs04.c, sysfs05.c, sysfs06.c,
    sysctl01.c, sysctl03.c, sysctl04.c, sysctl05.c
  • Added a fix to eliminate whitespaces in getdents02.c, getdents03.c, getdents04.c
  • Added a fix to re-order testcases a little to account for uclinux in
    access05.c, lstat02.c, mknod06.c
  • A Correction was made to the name of the testcase in code...was incorrectly called signal_test_03 and changed to signal_test_02.c
  • A fix to get the max pid value at runtime rather than compile time hardcode
    wait402.c, setpriority04.c,Makefile, getsid02.c
  • A fix to remove extraneous include
  • mc_cmds had two fixes. The test now uses [ae]th[01] in the ping command using the -I option. Also the loop to determine
    which Ethernet interface is needed was moved to ensure that the correct Ethernet interface was selected.
  • A patch was added that allows the following files to get the PID_MAX value from /proc/sys/kernel/pid-max:
    access05.c, fcntl15.c, gethostid01.c, lstat02.c, mknod06.c, setrlimit02.c,
    setsockopt01.c, stat03.c, truncate03.c



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