February 28, 2001

AURAN Jet now JIVEs with IDE

Author: JT Smith

Stephanie Bond writes "BRISBANE, Australia -February 28, 2001-Auran today released JIVE, a development environment for AURAN Jet. AURAN Jet is a game authoring environment that enables developers to create responsive and robust 3D applications.
JIVE stands for Jet Integrated Visual Environment. It is an extendable development environment allowing developers to build tools for editing application resources. JIVE is used in conjunction with Auran?s next-generation game architecture, AURAN Jet.

AURAN Jet was created to support independent game developers by providing game architecture in order to create interactive entertainment with less expense.

Users can download AURAN Jet Beta 2 and JIVE at the AURAN Jet Website for free.

Building on the company?s game software expertise and the urgent worldwide need to reduce game development costs, Auran is developing the world?s first accessible game architecture. AURAN Jet has a FREE ACCESS licensing agreement that caters to developers of all sizes. Non-commercial use of AURAN Jet is free whilst commercial use will attract a modest fee. The draft licensing agreement is available on the AURAN Jet Web site at www.auranjet.com.

Auran has a proven track record in engine development. Auran?s first engine, the Tactics Engine, was used to power the hit PC strategy game Dark Reign and has since been purchased by an international games publisher. Auran has invested US$4 million and fifty person years on the research and development of AURAN Jet. AURAN Jet will be used to power all of Auran?s current games in development, from cutting-edge showcase titles, to online collectible games such as Trainz.

Auran is an Australian interactive entertainment company. The company was established by avid games player Greg Lane and co-founder Graham Edelsten in 1995, and is driven by the mantra, ?Don?t Predict It. Create It.?. Auran has been a successful player in the game industry with hit PC title from 1997 Dark Reign, powered by the Tactics Engine, and continues to create leading edge interactive entertainment and technology. Dark Reign has sold 680,000 copies internationally."

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