July 23, 2002

Australian Open Source Awards announced

Gordon Hubbard writes: AUUG, the Australian UNIX and
Open Systems User Group, today announced the inaugural Australian Open
Source Awards.

"It is a well kept secret that Australia plays a far larger role in
the international open source community than the average observer would
expect. These awards will encourage and recognize the excellence and dedication
of those Australians contributing to the open source arena", said Michael
Paddon, chair of the nominations committee.

Awards will be given in four categories: technology, application, community,
and special achievement. The first three awards are decided by the popular
vote of the AUUG membership, and the special achievement category is judged
by committee. Membership of AUUG is open to any individual or corporation
with an interest in open computing technologies.

The Awards Ceremony will be take place during the AUUG 2002 Annual Conference
Dinner, on September 5, 2002, in Melbourne. Both AUUG members and non-members
can attend the conference with discounts for AUUG members, members of affiliated
organizations and students. Tickets for the dinner and awards ceremony
may also be purchased separately. Please visit http://www.auug.org.au/conf/auug2002/
for further details.

"While the winners of these awards will each receive a unique and coveted
linuxjewellery.com statue, the real reward will be recognition for the
quietly superb job that they have been doing so well, and for so long.
AUUG is pleased to be able to play a role in highlighting the fantastic
contributions of all nominees, and to convey a heartfelt thanks for enriching
our community", said Mr Paddon.

The Australian Open Source Awards are sponsored by Silicon Breeze (www.siliconbreeze.com),
who design and provide the solid gold "tux" award statues which embody
the open source spirit.


About AUUG Incorporated
AUUG Inc. is the Australian UNIX and Open Systems User Group, a professional
association for end users, corporations, developers and vendors that promotes
UNIX® and related systems, including Linux and BSD.  Dating from
1975, AUUG is a national body with chapters that organize local activities
in most capital cities.

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