January 17, 2003

Australian/NZ LInux OpenSource Magazine

Kimberly Shelt writes: WHO: A small of group of folks in Perth WA with added âremoteâ support from other states. Mostly LUG members and other *NIX interested people....

A local.au/nz content Linux/Open Source magazine.
Initially an online magazine, but hopefully a companion
hard copy to follow.

See the conf program for timing of the BOF (Birds of a Feather), where you can come along and give your 2cents worth to the group.

The site is already up containing info and calling for submissions but the aim is for a 1st edition (with contentJ) late Feb 2003


To support the community, in promoting *nix awareness in an Australasian context.

To provide a venue for content more relevant to local issues
(ie local adverts, local event information, swap meets, peg/lan parties)

To provide tech info for all users from newbie to advanced.

Get involved with the working group by joining the mailing list linmag-request@plug.linux.org.au or by signing up to the readersâ newsletter at the site (low traffic announcements) of coming editions
and site updates.

Spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested in contributing or make a CONTRIBUTION YOURSELF

web: http://www.linmagau.orgemail: info@linmagau.org


âlocal content â local peopleâ"

Link: http://www.linmagau.org

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