November 13, 2003

Authors: Red Hat made 'smart business decision'

Looking at the big picture, Red Hat's decision to drop support of Red Hat Linux is a good long-term move for the company and for its enterprise users,
even if some users are crying foul now, according to Red Hat Linux administration experts Ibrahim Haddad and Richard Petersen. In this e-mail
interview, they discuss Red Hat's new support stance, the challenges and advantages of migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux from Red Hat Linux, tips
for Unix- and Windows-to-Linux migrations and the differences between Linux distributions.

Haddad and Petersen are authors of 2003's "Red Hat Linux Pocket Administrator" and a new December, 2003, release, "Red Hat Linux X: The Complete
Reference, DVD Edition" from McGraw-Hill/Osborne. Just as they co-wrote these books, they co-wrote the answers to's



  • Linux
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