February 22, 2006

Autistic GNU/Linux User Group

sparkes writes "Like many NewsForge readers and contributers I am on the Autistic spectrum. Over the last few years I have ranted over and over at friends and colleagues about how existing LUGS are failing their membership I took the logical next step and formed a LUG for people on the Autistic spectrum or with co-morbid communication and self esteem issues.

The Autistic GNU/Linux User Group is open to anybody on the Autistic Spectrum, with other communication or social issues or who wishes to be a friend of people with these problems. Membership is open to anybody using or interested in using a Unix™ like system with particular emphasis on Free and Open Source Software.

We have a mailing list where people can geek out and no question or comment is considered off-topic from the uber deep geekery of kernel development to the newbie questions about ls, a wiki for knowledge management and hope to provide a link to local LUGS via our membership so our members can reach out into the wider Linux community and meet like minded people.

With the support of mailing lists from lug.org.uk, the home of the LUG movement in the UK, we hope to provide a worldwide virtual LUG with a membership stretching around the glode making visits to events and meetings anywhere in the world an enjoyable experience for people on the spectrum.

Visit us and consider joining a new worldwide user group for people like you."

Link: autisticlug.org


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