July 27, 2007

Automatically mounting and unmounting Samba/Windows shares with CIFS

Author: JT Smith

At my work the employees are in the fortunate position that they are free to choose whatever OS they want to work with. The only thing that's banned (unofficially) so far is Windows Vista. In such a heterogeneous environment it makes sense to share our files through Samba. It's one of the few protocols that any OS can speak. If you're running Windows Server 2003 then you can't use the smbfs driver that most Linux distributions ship by default. You'll need to use the CIFS filesystem driver and you'll need to edit /etc/fstab. Adding the required fstab entries is actually quite easy as I will show, but on Debian and it's derivative distributions you get a nasty "CIFS VFS: No response" error when you subsequently try to reboot or shutdown your machine. I will show you how to get rid of that too.

Link: jejik.com


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