July 12, 2002

AUUG 2002 Conference Announcement

Gordon Hubbard writes: "SYDNEY, Australia -- 11 July, 2002 -- AUUG, the Australian UNIX and
Open Systems User Group, today announced its annual national conference
for UNIX, Linux, BSD and Open Source end users, corporations, developers
and vendors. The conference will focus on Security, Network Monitoring,
Open Source and Business, Large Scale System Management and Wireless Networking."

The conference, now in its third decade, is a key resource and meeting
place for end users, corporations, developers and vendors wanting to make
the most of their investments in Open Systems.

The 3 day conference programme is preceded by a 3 day tutorial programme.
The tutorial programme allows attendees to work closely with an impressive
range of technical experts to develop specific skills in data security,
system performance, databases, web services and other Internet technologies.

Although focused on providing strong technical content, the conference
also addresses business topics and provides excellent opportunities for
attendees to meet and build friendships via the conference reception and

Keynote and invited speakers include:

  • Terry Lane, President Free Speech Victoria and broadcaster (ABC Radio National)
  • John Zornig, Apple Computer
  • Kimberley Heitman, Chairperson Electronic Frontiers Australia
  • Neil Gunther, Founder Performance Dynamics Company, USA
  • Rob Pike, Director of the Computing Concepts Research Department of the
    Computing Science Research Center at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, in
    Murray Hill, New Jersey
  • Chris Disspain, Chief Executive Officer for  .au Domain Administration Limited
  • John Terpstra, Technology Evangelist, Caldera International Inc.
  • Mark White, Apviva Technology Partners

Key Partners in the event include: Apple Computer, Check
Point Technologies Ltd, Sun Microsystems, IBM, AARnet, Caldera Inc., Silicon
Breeze, Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Pearson Education Australia.

"AUUG 2002 - Measure, Monitor, Control" will be held at the Duxton Hotel,
328 Flinders Street, Melbourne, 4 - 6 September 2002. Conference program
and speaker topics are available at http://www.auug.org.au/conf/auug2002/

Tutorials will be conducted prior to the conference, at the same venue,
from 1 - 3 September 2002.

Both AUUG members and non-members can attend with discounts for AUUG
members, members of affiliated organizations and students. Registration
for the conference is $650 for AUUG members and $800 for non-members. 
Tutorials are $500 per full day for AUUG members and $650 for non-members.


About AUUG Incorporated
AUUG Inc. is the Australian UNIX and Open Systems User Group, a professional
association for end users, corporations, developers and vendors that promotes
UNIX® and related systems, including Linux and BSD.  Dating from
1975, AUUG is a national body with chapters that organize local activities
in most capital cities.

Visit http://www.auug.org.au/
or contact AUUG at: AUUG Inc., PO Box 366, Kensington, NSW 2033, Australia.
Free Call 1800 625 655, Fax 02 8824 9522, International: Tel +61 2 8824
9511, Fax +61 2 8824 9522, E-mail: auug@auug.org.au.
ACN A00 166 36N, ABN 15 645 981 718.


Press Contact
Gordon Hubbard

Treasurer and Press Secretary, AUUG Inc.


Tel: 02 9659 9590


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