May 28, 2003

AUUG Calls For SCO To Cease Destructive Actions

Gordon Hubbard writes
"AUUG Inc. calls on SCO to cease its destructive actions and to work toward the constructive resolution of intellectual property issues.

SYDNEY, Australia -- 28 May 2003 -- The Australian UNIX and Open
Systems User Group (AUUG, Inc.) today called on SCO (formerly Caldera)
to cease its destructive actions and work toward the constructive
resolution of any intellectual property (IP) issues SCO has with the
Linux and Open Source communities. AUUG further called on SCO to
publicly identify any IP violations in Linux so the issues can be
resolved as soon as possible.

AUUG is vendor neutral, but it is compelled to address these issues
because of its pro UNIX and Open Source mission and its commitment to
ensure that all parties respect the intellectual property rights of
authors and vendors, and that they are free to license their IP under
the license of their choice.

AUUG believes healthy debate requires the airing of all viewpoints and
has thus invited Kieran O'Shaughnessy, Managing Director of SCO
Australia, to address AUUG members at the AUUG NSW Chapter meeting on
29 May 2003. Interested non-members may also attend the meeting. On
the express wish of SCO, the press will not be admitted.

In the past SCO has been a valued contributor to the Open Source
industry. It published OpenLinux and UnitedLinux under the GPL for
many years and released "Ancient UNIX" under a BSD style license in
January 2002. Since then SCO appears to have completely changed its
position. Its recent attitude towards perceived IP violations include
threatening statements and letters to corporate Linux users and
industry partners. There is no evidence of any constructive actions.
SCO's actions appear to be intended to cause maximum harm to the Linux
industry. This leaves SCO's motives open to ridicule and speculation.

AUUG observes that these actions have already made SCO the target of a
counter lawsuit and believes that there will be more.

SCO has implied that identifying specific IP problems will allow the
Linux community to fix the problems and erase the evidence. The
latter is clearly false: Linux source code is on historical record on
CDs and servers across the globe. Further, AUUG believes that "fixing
the problem" must be the priority both for SCO and the Open Source
industry. If SCO does not help fix the problem, it can only weaken
their position.

"In summary, AUUG condemns SCO's actions." said Greg Lehey, AUUG
President. "We believe that it will do good for neither Linux, UNIX
nor SCO. We believe that the manner in which SCO is attempting to
protect their intellectual property is inappropriate and damaging to
SCO. We have already seen the first cases of legal action against
SCO, and it is reasonable to expect more. The only people who stand
to gain from the situation are those companies that compete with UNIX
and Linux."


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