AW/PH PTR New Books to Boost OSS Understanding

Heather Fox writes “Addison-Wesley & Prentice Hall PTR Publish Two New Books to Promote Broader-Based Understanding of Open Source Software”

Golden’s “Succeeding with Open Source” and Rosen’s “Open Source Licensing” Help Dispel “FUD” and Provide Detailed Expert Advice for Working with Open Source Software

LinuxWorld, San Francisco – Addison-Wesley and Prentice Hall PTR (AW/PH PTR), leading publishers of advanced technology books, today announced publication of two new books written to both dispel confusion and provide concrete advice for how to evaluate open source software solutions, and how to handle the critical issues that result: such as dealing with licenses and the need for supporting documentation.

Bernard Golden’s new book, Succeeding with Open Source unveils and then demonstrates a methodology termed the “Open Source Security Model” (OSMM), designed for IT managers to determine the “maturity” of a particular open source solution, and to then implement it within the enterprise. Drawing on rich client-based experience from his position as CEO of software consulting firm, Navica, Golden begins the book with basic information on the fundamental characteristics of open source software. He details the various business models that are utilized, the associated risks and the ways in which open source differs from closed, or proprietary, software.

Golden then delves into the OSMM, explaining it as a framework to enable a small IT team to determine the maturity level of an open source software product within a two-week timeframe. The OSMM provides a four-step process to evaluate each of the most important elements of any software product – including documentation, technical support, training and integration with other software products. The book closes with a complete, integrated case study using the OSMM to evaluate Jboss, a J2EE-compliant application server.

“Open source is a strategic issue for IT organizations today — but there’s a lot of uncertainty about how best to use it. This book was written to help IT shops select, assess, and implement open source software successfully,” Golden said.

Turning more specifically to licensing issues, Larry Rosen’s new book, Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom & Intellectual Property Law, arrives as the first comprehensive guide on this topic: arguably the foremost area of uncertainty and necessary due diligence for both users and creators of open source software. Written primarily for IT managers, developers and lawyers advising on open source policy, Rosen’s book is an engaging exploration of the law that underlies open source licenses. He begins by defining – with examples – the concepts of open source, intellectual property and the legality of software licenses. The middle section of the book then takes a closer look at the most popular open source licenses, such as the General Public License (GPL) and the Mozilla License, with an emphasis on the practical, working aspects most important for developers and IT managers.

“Because there is so much misperception about open source and the law among developers and among our customers, I felt compelled to explain these licenses in clear terms,” Rosen said. “Once you eliminate the FUD, creative ideas can start to flow. That’s the goal of open source.”

Rosen, who is the general counsel for the Open Source Initiative, closes the book with real-world advice on how to choose an open source license, and how to handle open source litigation, with a special section addressing the SCO litigation.

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