June 2, 2003

Axceleon Joins the Egenera Assured Solution Alliances Program

Jacob Webb writes "June 2, 2003 Sunnyvale, Calif. Axceleon, leaders in computational grid software, today announced that it has joined the Egenera Assured Solution Alliances program, certifying its EnFuzionTM software for the EgeneraTM BladeFrameTM environment through rigorous testing in Egenera labs.

Axceleon and Egenera have joined forces to address the growing need for grid computing technologies. Axceleon's EnFuzion software automates and accelerates computationally intensive applications, such as risk management and financial modeling software. Together, Egenera and Axceleon offer a compelling solution for organizations seeking to improve performance while realizing an amazing time-to-value.

"Egenera's award-winning BladeFrame coupled with EnFuzion offers organizations the ability to deploy a high-end, high-performance computing solution at an extremely compelling price point," stated Michael Duffy, president and CEO at Axceleon. "The BladeFrame's Processing Area Network architecture which integrates high-speed networking, built-in clustering and the industry's most powerful blade servers ideally complements EnFuzion's ability to optimize and accelerate application performance, delivering a total solution to end-users."

"By notably increasing processor utilization rates, EnFuzion can have a quantifiable impact on datacenter total cost of ownership. As such, the Axceleon solution nicely complements our BladeFrame system, which was designed to dramatically lower the cost of enterprise computing," said Susan Davis, vice president of product marketing and management at Egenera. "Moreover, the BladeFrame's virtualized architecture which enables users to run any application on any resource at any timeis ideally suited for the high-performance grid computing EnFuzion enables. We are pleased to welcome Axceleon to the Assured Solution Alliances program and look forward to bringing the benefits of our combined solution to mutual customers."

"Organizations find themselves dealing with several market trends simultaneously. Budgetary constraints, increasing needs for IT services, requirements to improve both reliability and availability, heightened security requirements, increasing requirements to support many types of access point devices, and a variety of business issues are all on the minds of IT executives," said Dan Kusnetzky, IDC's VP of system software research. "They are also increasingly concerned with obtaining the best possible levels of scalability and performance while keeping their hardware acquisition costs in line. Grid computing software, such as that provided by Axceleon, and fully virtualized environments, like those offered by Egenera, certainly help organizations achieve their goals."

About EnFuzion:

Axceleon's EnFuzion gives companies the ability to turn IT infrastructures into high-speed, fault-tolerant, highly available supercomputers. EnFuzion automates and accelerates parametric studies, where the same application is executed several times with multiple sets of input parameters. Parametric studies are labor intensive and subject to errors. With EnFuzion, users are able to reduce time consuming manual tasks, eliminate errors and deliver results faster. EnFuzion works with Windows, Linux and Unix based operating systems, and utilizes all available computing hardware, including idle desktops, dedicated servers, rack mounted servers and blade servers. To learn more about EnFuzion visit: http://www.axceleon.com/products.html

About Axceleon:

Axceleon is revolutionizing the high-performance grid computing market with its EnFuzionTM software. EnFuzion gives organizations the ability to automate applications and gain faster computing results with their heterogeneous hardware and software computing environments. Whether deployed on dedicated servers or idle desktops across an enterprise, EnFuzion reduces application execution time and delivers a tangible Return-on-Investment (ROI). To learn more about EnFuzion visit http://www.axceleon.com.

About Egenera Inc.

Egenera is an emerging market leader that is having a significant impact on datacenter infrastructure. The Company's BladeFrame system leads the competition in both server blade technology and virtualization software by enabling datacenters to run any application, on any resource, at any time. Today, BladeFrames are installed at marquee customers worldwide, including more than half of the world's largest investment banks, major Internet service providers, telecommunications companies, healthcare providers and government agencies. A world class service and support organization ensures customer satisfaction. Privately held, Egenera has secured $94 million in three rounds of equity financing. Moreover, the Company has assembled a senior management team and engineering staff with an average 20-plus years' experience. Relationships with BEA Systems, EMC, Intel, Itochu Techno-Science Corporation (CTC), Oracle, Red Hat and Veritas, among others, further strengthen the value proposition. Headquartered in Marlboro,
Mass., Egenera has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Hong Kong, Kansas City, London, New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington D.C. For details, visit www.egenera.com, send email to info@egenera.com or call 508-858-2600."

Link: axceleon.com

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