March 27, 2003

Axceleon Wins Drug Discovery Deal

Jacob Webb writes "Axceleons EnFuzion provides complete grid computing solution for medical research.
Axceleon, leaders in computational grid software,
announced today that the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research (WEHI) is
using EnFuzion to conduct medical research for new drug discovery.

WEHI, which is located in Victoria, Australia, is using EnFuzion to determine how small
molecules might interact with proteins. The molecules that interact strongly with the
target protein, and with desirable physical properties, form the basis of leads in the
discovery of new drugs. WEHI is using DOCK software in conjunction with a
homegrown application to determine the score of the interaction of molecules with

Databases at WEHI range in size from 20,000 to more than 200,000 molecules and
EnFuzion allows the research team to distribute the task of docking and scoring over a
cluster of 32 dual-node Red Hat Linux machines, offering management, speed and

"The research being conducted by WEHI is a great example of how EnFuzion can fit into
a multitude of environments, addressing a variety of end-user needs," said Robert
Graziotto, Vice President at Axceleon. "We are very happy to be working with a first
class medical institution like WEHI, supporting projects such as new drug discovery."

About EnFuzion:
Axceleons EnFuzion gives companies the ability to turn existing IT infrastructure into
high-speed, fault-tolerant, highly available supercomputers. EnFuzion automates
parametric studies, where the same application is executed several times with multiple
sets of input parameters. Parametric studies are labor intensive and subject to errors. With
EnFuzion, users are able to reduce time consuming manual tasks, eliminate errors and
deliver results faster. EnFuzion works with Windows, Linux and Unix based operating
systems, and utilizes all available computing hardware, including idle desktops, dedicated
servers, rack mounted servers and blade servers.

About Axceleon:
Axceleon is revolutionizing the high-performance grid computing market with its
EnFuzion software. EnFuzion gives organizations the ability to automate applications
and gain faster computing results with their existing heterogeneous hardware and
software computing environments. Whether deployed on dedicated servers or idle
desktops across an enterprise, EnFuzion reduces application execution time and delivers a
tangible Return-on-Investment (ROI). To learn more about EnFuzion visit"


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