April 13, 2004

Axentra debuts three sub-$1K office servers

Marc-Antoine Benglia writes: "Hello. I am writing from Axentra as a follow up to your October 3, 2003 posting titled "Axentra Rumba Server Puts Linux in Every Household." We have done a lot of work since then and are proud to present our new babies, three of them.

Axentra Corp. is announcing three revolutionary sub-$1,000, all-in-one OfficeSeries server appliances for the small business market. Axentra is building on the initial successes of the Rumba and H-25 sever appliances. Axentraâs OfficeSeries server appliancess are aimed at the small office/home office market.

While servers and certain tasks have remained out of reach for the average small business and home user, Axentra has developed all-in-one web, email and file servers that are pre-installed and pre-configured. Literally out of the box, the user can be operational within the hour and finally enjoy the same flexibility and power as the enterprise but at an affordable price. Besides integrated Web, email, and file server features, Axentra OfficeSeries server appliances include built-in and pre-configured firewall, Internet gateway, router, and wireless access point capabilities (802.11g).

Small business users can now manage their Web site (build and publish), have backup done automatically, have their own emails with virtually unlimited space, network several computers, create a wireless network, access and manage their files, email, calendar, addresses, and other data locally or remotely from the Internet via Web-based applications or directly using native Mac or Windows applications.

More info can be found at http://www.axentra.com/office/.

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