December 13, 2005

AXIGEN Linux Based Mail Server, 5th version

Eugen Secmerean writes "It took the AXIGEN mail server less than 2 months to turn from novelty, at The London LinuxWorld Expo, into a regular working tool, already serving more than 2,500 licensed users. A fifth new version, available at is the latest result of the company’s devotion to provide a solid, complete and comprehensive mail product.

AXIGEN has been developed under the guideline of functionality and security, two major issues that already make a difference between this product and any other mail servers. The first breakthrough recognition is the fact that after thorough internal and external testing, we are proud to announce that AXIGEN is Red Hat Ready for RH Enterprise Linux 4.

The best reason to install and use it is that this mail server product has been created and developed in full usage of the information security area experience the company gathered until the end of 2003 – when it all started.
So, AXIGEN is a mail server which incorporates many years of providing information security for all the mail servers used around the world, either commercial or free. So, we’re talking about a group of developers whose wishful thinking on their job was to find or create the ultimate mail server.

One thing is for sure: AXIGEN showed up because there was plenty of room for the ultimate mail server at the best rate cost on quality.

This is like having a bunch of WRC pilots building and launching their wishful car – that car that would never ever break or fail in any aspect. That’s what AXIGEN was about from the very first code line written down: mail server protection and functionality at the extreme, no matter the OS, no matter the number of users, no matter the security tools and policies applied.

Highly scalable, with speed and security as the main features, AXIGEN is that piece of smart project management and programming able to offer sysadmins full control on the e-mails roaming their networks.
And it’s pretty simple to get involved with an AXIGEN mail server. It only takes the time to type, take a look around and download the Evaluation Version or the Free StartUp Edition.
Whatever you get from there, keep in mind the fact that the product is so young that it could barely be called “2 months old” and, therefore, some might consider it as incomplete. But as nobody could ever say that a software product becomes complete, consider then AXIGEN the youngest mature mail server on the market.

The development team is poised to keep on growing this product and looks forward to more and more updates and upgrades. The entire development of this new product took over one and a half years and a multimillion Euro R&D investment.

Says Oana Bornaz, AXIGEN CEO: Our mission is to build AXIGEN Mail Server to be a fast, reliable and secure Internet messaging solution, offering the power and sturdiness of a carrier class mail server. Building trust into our products as well as into our business relationship we team-up with AXIGEN users and partners to achieve this goal.

About AXIGEN Mail Server:

Our product is a fast, reliable and secure mail server, enabling the System Administrator to have easy management and full control of the email traffic. Providing SMTP/ESMTP, IMAP, POP3 and WEBmail services, AXIGEN has an attractive early-bird license schemes based on users, free basic technical support and very low maintenance fees which makes it an useful solution both for companies and ISPs.

AXIGEN is being developed by GECAD TECHNOLOGIES, a company established in 2001 with already great experience in technology research, information security, project management and messaging solutions."

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