March 16, 2006

AXIGEN Linux Mail Server

Guest writes "AXIGEN Powers the Second Most Trafficked Romanian Web Portal.

Bucharest, March 16, 2006 – AXIGEN messaging solution is now in charge of the email traffic in the 140 000 mailboxes of, the second most trafficked Romanian Web portal. has recently switched from a messaging solution based on multiple Open Source applications, to AXIGEN Mail Server, an integrated commercial solution. This successful migration process has yielded multiple benefits both for administrators and end users. One of these benefits became visible right after the migration: the mail processing queue is down from 75000 to 500 messages stored simultaneously on the server. Also, the server load average is now about 5 times lower than previously.

“The 75 000 messages waiting to be sent and the high server load were often resulting in server downtime. Now, thanks to AXIGEN innovative architecture and effective filtering system, we no longer have to deal with this kind of situations”, says Alina Nemes, General Manager.

“We proved our ability to replace on short notice and in due time a highly complex Open Source solution. Our transparent data migration process made it possible for to keep their website and services up and running throughout the migration process. It’s the first demonstration of our mail server capabilities, which can handle without problems email activity in tens of thousands of mailboxes and an impressive daily traffic” says Oana Bornaz, AXIGEN CEO.

Officials of Gecad Technologies, the company developing AXIGEN, believe that the Romanian messaging solution will reach the 1 million mailbox target by the end of the year. AXIGEN is currently distributed in several countries by 10 international partners.

AXIGEN Mail Server was launched last fall, both in Romania, and internationally at LinuxWorld in London.

About Gecad Technologies
Established in 2001, GECAD TECHNOLOGIES focused first on technology research and project management, acting mainly in the antivirus industry. Since 2003 we have worked on innovative messaging technologies. We develop and distribute messaging solutions under the brand AXIGEN. Our main product is AXIGEN Mail Server, a powerful, integrated service MTA, developed by our experienced and dedicated development team. Please see for more information on AXIGEN.
Press contact - Phone: + 40213032080; e-mail:

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