July 19, 2001

Ayn Rand comes full circle - at Microsoft

Author: JT Smith

Kelly McNeill writes "The socioeconomic theory that Microsoft claims to espouse is similar to Ayn Rand's implementation of "Objectivism" -- the idea that individual thought and creativity ought to be rewarded and unrestricted. However, Microsoft has brought this theory full circle. What was once considered noble and heroic has become oppressive and contemptible, even corrupt. A heroic thinker, inventor, and entrepreneur like Rand's John Galt character is what Mr. Gates and his cronies claim is their ideal, their role model. Microsoft claims to represent the forces of creativity in a battle against entrenched, know-nothing bureaucrats. But in reality, who do the millions of innovators and entrepreneurs in the high-tech world have to fear more: Microsoft or some government entity?"
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